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Jesmond couple celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary!

When Stan and Vivian Kirby, from Jesmond, Newcastle, will be raising a glass today toasting 70 years of happy marriage...

Stan Kirby, 92 and Vivian Kirby, 90 of West Jesmond, Newcastle, who are celebrating their 70th Wedding Anniversary When Stan and Vivian Kirby met in the 1940s they had little idea that 70 years on they would still be together.

The couple, who met through friends during World War Two, are today celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary.

Mr and Mrs Kirby, of West Jesmond, tied the knot after courting for around a year and 70 years on Mrs Kirby said they are still very much in love.

Mrs Kirby said: “We met through friends and we were together for about a year-and-a-half before we got married.

“Not many people reach this landmark any more.

“The secret is you have got to work together.”

The couple have two children Linda, who still lives in Newcastle, and David – who lives in Norfolk.

Mr Kirby, a former railway worker, is 92 while his wife is 90 and despite the years they say their romance has been undimmed since they tied the knot in St Albans’ Church, in Windy Nook, Gateshead, on August 26 1944.

The pair will celebrate their platinum anniversary with afternoon tea at Lumley Castle, in Chester-Le-Street, before celebrating with a family bash on Friday.

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Mrs Kirby added: “I didn’t work but my husband was on the railway.

“I don’t think in our 70 years we’ve had any big problems, it’s been a fairly smooth ride.”

According to government figures released earlier this year 42 per cent of marriages in the UK end in divorce.

In 2012 there were 118,140 divorces in England and Wales with almost half of the splits taking place within the first 10 years of marriage with most divorces taking place between couples fourth and eighth wedding anniversaries.

Mrs Kirby added: “There are a lot of divorces nowadays - I think sometimes people give up too easily.

“You really do need to work together.”

The couple will be set to receive their third message from the Queen after receiving messages on their 60th and 65th anniversaries, after hitting their platinum anniversary they are set to receive a message from the Queen on every anniversary for the rest of their lives.